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I am your Life Coach to help you break free and live the life you’ve always dreamed you could.

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My life coach work is to help people who wish to live life at the highest level; to bring their true soul’s longing into physical reality – and help them to share their unique gifts with the world in a practical and sustainable manner.

Freedom Is Our True Nature

Hi and thanks for stopping by.

I am a life coach servicing people all over the world with 20+ years experience.

I have assisted people from five continents and all walks of life; everyday people just trying to cope, to business owners trying to get to the next level, executives dealing with enormous responsibilities to television personalities trying to keep their feet on the ground.

What they all have in common is that they have all been held back and trapped by limiting beliefs. I liken this to having kinks in a hose in which only a small amount of water can get through.

My role as your life coach is to help you iron out these kinks and allow the full force of your personality shine through – without apology!

Once you experience this full expression of life force, your life will never be the same again!

Free yourself now!

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Rohan James

Rohan, I salute you and continue to be inspired by you… the world needs you!

Jo Hanks

Freedom is your true nature.

Free yourself now!


From my Life Coach Blog

Sex and Vitality

I was reflecting the other day on how many of my clients come to me in the first instance because they are feeling run down, tired, anxious or depressed… These symptoms are caused by a combination of a number of deeper issues and I can’t discuss all the variables in...

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Three Steps To Break Your Social Media Addiction

“ I get so sucked into social media, I go in to check one or two things and before I know it I have looked at twenty to thirty pages of colleagues and friends “highlights” and hour later I believe that my life sucks and I have not achieved anything and I feel so...

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How Interactions With Others Affect Your Vital Energy

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I came across and article titled “Energy Vampires and How to Deal with Them…” I didn’t read the article because I believe that the term “energy vampires” is a little over the top and is only a “scare headline” often...

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How To Simply Kick Stress And Burnout For Good!

How to Simply Kick Stress and Burnout For Good! (without removing yourself from society and undergoing months of “therapy”) If you are suffering from excessive stress and/or burnout, you have forgotten that… We are sentient beings and our body has been exquisitely...

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Turning The Titanic Around

Most days I take a break at lunchtime and I spend this time either walking along the beach or walking along my favorite “nature walk”, in which I walk through a tree-lined path behind a housing estate on the edge of some hills...  and this walk offers magnificent...

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Books by Rohan James Life Coach

Pain Free Success

“The Four Steps Successful People Know That The Others Don’t”

Playing a bigger game in life is not for everyone – yet if you want to achieve more in your life, you also want to have joy, energy and vitality at the same time, right? The problem many people experience on the path to achieving success and getting what they want is an increase in stress, a lack of time and being robbed of their energy and vitality… In this groundbreaking book, life coach Rohan James exposes the costly side effects of the typical ‘push-push-push’ strategy and explains in refreshingly simple language, the centuries-old proven method for achieving your highest goals without these costly side effects… James has taken the centuries-old theory for success and created a real-life, practical and proven 4-step method for use in everyday life – that the truly successful know works! So if you want to learn how to achieve your highest goals and dreams and get everything you want in life in the simplest and least-painful way, this book will show you how…

I Just Want To Be Happy!

“How to Be Happy By Understanding the World and Finding Your Place in it”

Most people who meet me believe that I am a very lucky person who has a fairly easy run in life. However, what the majority of these people don’t know about me is that I suffered from very debilitating anxiety and depression on and off, for more than 20 years. Even though I was an avid student of personal development and positive thinking, it wasn’t until I also understood how the world works (as well us as human beings) that I was finally able to put these disorders behind me for good. This book provides all the information that I used to overcome anxiety and depression for good! As your life coach, my objective in writing and sharing this information is so that others can also kick these awful conditions without the need for medications or relying on others to “fix” them. The healing power is 100% in your own hands with this information.

The Yoga Revolution

“Bridging the Gap Between Spiritualism and Materialism”

The inspiration for The Yoga Revolution came to me during a four-month stint in India in which I wanted to immerse myself in the “traditional” teachings of yoga. However, it was during this time (in deep meditation) that I was “instructed” to write a book that would be aimed at the modern mind in a way that the philosophy behind yoga could be understood and assimilated by the vast numbers of people who had been drawn to practicing various forms of Hatha Yoga; The Yoga Revolution is the result. This book shows you how you can incorporate the principles of yoga into a modern lifestyle in a manner that will allow you to develop unshakeable inner peace as well as achieving your own vision of worldly “success”.

5 Steps To Looking Younger

“A Practical Step-by-Step Guide To Anti-Aging”

As a life coach I have always been fascinated (and shocked) at the lengths that some of us will go to in order to try to look younger. As we know some people will spend thousands of dollars on injecting hormones, poisonous substances and undergo invasive surgeries in an effort to maintain their youth, but ironically none of these things have or can improve longevity or vitality. Having been involved with healing and longevity arts and practices for over twenty years I have been able to observe many hundreds of dedicated students of these arts who look (and perform) 10, 15, 20 and sometimes even more years younger that their actual age! I felt it was time to share some of the information and some of the practices for those who are really ready to look and feel younger.

Feeling Trapped by Your Own Self Destructing Thoughts? Can’t Get Ahead?
Free Yourself Now!
Grab Your FREE eBook to learn how to kick it HERE!